Days 60, 61, 62 , Oct. 28 – 30. Memphis to Fayetteville, AR

DAY 60: Monday, October 28: Memphis to Oxford to Belzoni, MS.

Easy day: Left Memphis around 10 a.m., went by Ms. Neely’s BBQ of the Interstate BBQ Restaurant,to take some of their delicious ribs and shoulder chopped pork to our friends in Belzoni. Next on the agenda was Oxford, MS – home of the illustrious OLE MISS – UNIVERSITY – where Lois received her BA degree. It’s still a gorgeous campus, even though it’s grown from (when I went) from 2000 students to 11,000 . The only thing clearly remembered was the small, but lovely, town square in Oxford. After touring the campus, we had lunch at the Grocery Store in Oxford and walked around the square. We arrived at our beloved friend’s home – the Winkie Hotel +++, in which we were honored by being met by my ole cradle buddie, Kate, for Winkie’s fantastic caramel cake and chocolate cake, and joined later for dinner by Bill, Winkie’s son, and his beautiful wife, Kathy. Lovey evening.

Day 61: Tuesday, October 29: Belzoni, MS

Lovely day. Kate and her husband Jerry picked us up around 12:45 and off we went to Greenwood, MS for a luncheon to the famous Crystal Grill, which had been arranged by Kate and my other cradle buddies, Louanne, and Lelia. You can not believe the wonderful luncheon of shrimp and crab newburg, salad, chocolate pie and peach cobbler we most certainly enjoyed. Thanks to Lelia and Louanne, who picked up the tab. There is no question that I will have to shop for a larger size in clothes before we return. Between Winkie and the Crystal Grill, I don’t have a prayer.

On the way, we passed what would have been a most ordinary sight, of cotton fields – when I grew up, that was all you saw – but in the past few dozen years, very little cotton was grown, the delta went into rice, catfish farms, soybeens, etc. Not now, It was quite lovely to see, and the new machinery makes cotton again a very profitable crop. See the pictures: the new methods , using the new machines, which pick and then pack the cotton in massive rolls, wrap the rolls for transporting the cotton to the gins in less than a quarter of the time when cotton was just picked by hand.

Day 62, Wednesday, October 30: Belzoni – Fayetteville, Arkansas

Drove pretty much all day, started seeing the pretty colors after Little Rock (at higher elevations, the colors are more pronounced), ran into a lot of road construction and were very relieved to finally arrive at at the home of my ole Vanderbilt grad school roomate, Gen Broyle, in Fayetteville. Terrific dinner of gumbo, quiche, black-eyed peas, salad , etc. I’ve lost the battle. Peter’s in for a shock.

















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