Day 48, Oct. 16, Philadelphia to Front Royal, VA

We spent the first couple of hours in and about the Lenscrafter shop in King of Prussia, PA, about 30 min. west of Philly. Lois’ reading glasses had fallen out of her pocket in a cab, and had to be replaced. Why King of Prussia, you might ask? Phil Alandt says it was in tribute for the great assistance given by the Prussians in the Revolutionary War. The highlight here, beyond getting L’s new glasses, was finding a Legal Seafood restaurant near Lenscrafter where we had a delicious lunch of raw oysters, fried oysters and Portuguese seafood stew.

We then were off to the Pennsylvania Dutch country on a byway suggested by our AAA travel consultant, Jane Henninger. The little road went through Compass, Intercourse (that’s really the name!) and Bird in the Hand (named after the sign name of a tavern in the hamlet). Amish riding around in buggys, plowing fields with horses, all dressed in their clothes style of yore. Lois looked at beautiful quilts, Peter had a shoo fly pie.










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