Day 45 – Mon., 10/14 – Philadelphia

Wendy & Hugh’s friends, Lisa and Phil Alandt, were terrific in getting us into the Barnes Foundation on their membership. This is a super museum, now housed in a modern building, consisting of the largest collection in the world of Renoirs, many Cezannes, Soutines, early Picassos, Utrillos and other impressionists and post-impressionists with a sprinkling of old masters such as El Greco and Tintoretto. We spent four hours wandering around this wondrous private collection assembled by Albert Barnes in the early part of the 20th century.





We then did a quick tour of the adjacent Rodin Museum, another treat.

We returned to the hotel to rest our weary feet and got slicked up for a fancy dinner with Phil and Lisa, and two of their friends, at the Devon Restaurant on Rittenhouse Square. The Allendt's treated us to a most delicious fresh seafood dinner. A great evening.






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