Day 43 – Oct. 12 – New York City

Last night we went to Patsy’s, K & A’s favorite Italian restaurant in Chelsea and had a gargantuan feast. Absolutely the best salad we’d had in just forever. That, along with a huge pizza, eggplant parmesian, and lasanga, pretty well finished us off.

Sat.: Today was our planned visit to MOMA, which is always a lesson in art history when we are guided by Keith. We began the day by seeing Keith and Andrew’s apartment, which they had been working on cleaning up, for days, in preparation for our visit. It looked spiffy and we loved all their new furniture. Keith had brought in delicious croissants and served cappuccinos to go with them. We then were off to the museum. There is a grand, huge exhibit of Rene Magritte, whom we have always found to be one of the best of the surrealists. We became immersed in his views of the expression of the unconscious mind. Keith then took us to see a large, bare room with a book whose cover alleged it was The Holy Bible. Inside was a book about Marcel Duchamp, whom the artist creator, David Hammonds, believes is the inspiration of modern art. Hammonds is a client of Lois Phlem, an art consultant who has been most helpful to Keith over many years. We then moved on to see many old friends, including Picasso, the impressionists and post impressionists, and made some new acquaintances in a room of 20th century artists. MOMA with Keith is always a stimulating experience. We wrapped up the day taking Andrew and Keith, Lois Phlem and Carol Gonsalvez, another collector of Keith’s work, to dinner at their favorite Chinese restaurant in Chelsea.










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