DAYS 36 & 37 – OCT. 5 & 6 – YORKTOWN

On Sat. morning, Keith came up and joined Wendy & Hugh and us for a trip to the Stone King Art Center, northwest of Yorktown across the Hudson. It is a 500 acre park of woodlands and meadows scattered with scores of sculptures by such artists as Louise Nevelson, Mark di Suvero, Richard Serra, Alexander Calder, Henry Moore and David Smith. Maya Lin has converted a field into a sculpted landscape. Andy Goldsworthy has created several of his signature stone walls. There’s the hull of an America’s cup yacht that had been painted by Roy Lichtenstein! All fascinating and beautiful. In the afternoon, we were proceeding up to Hyde Park when we thought to call and sure enough found it was closed due to the federal budget cutback. The Tea Party foiled our quest, as it is foiling effective government all over the USA. So we turned around and played 9 holes of golf at one of the worst, hard scrabbled courses we have ever encountered. Oh well.

That evening, Hugh saved the day by preparing another marvelous dish, une blanquette de veau, preceded by a most marvelous appetizer of artichoke and oysters by Lisa and Phil who had brought the oysters all the way from their home in Philadelphia for the occasion.

On Sunday, Hugh took us for a car tour of the surrounding countryside of rolling hills and forests, huge estates, grand houses and an enormous reservoir which was built in the mid 19th century to provide water for New York City. We spent the rest of our day repacking our bags from country to city clothes, visiting with Wendy and Hugh and then took the train with them into NYC.















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