Day 26: Digby, NS

Weather is windy and quite cool. We arrived late afternoon to the Dockside Suites- on the outside, a dubious looking enterprise, on the wharf alongside a cafe and bar – I was ready to bolt, but Peter prevailed and we took a look at our reserved accommodations. Turns out, the interior was quite nice, better than most, and we stayed for a most lovely sunset over the cove – as was todays’. Again, the weather was too cold and windy to play golf at the Digby Pines (a world rated golf course). We did go by and it is beautiful, but had to cancel our reservation. We had a most leisurely time walking the very short Main Street of this fishing community, rode out to the Lighthouse and around the grounds of the famous Digby Resort Hotel. Digby claims to be the Scollop Capital of the World, so naturally, we had scollops for dinner. A relaxed. laid back day, watching the tides go out and come back in, with a 30′ variation at this head of the Bay of Fundy.









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