Day 25: Halifax to Digby, NS

Today’s highlight was a long planned visit to Grand Pre and Wolfberg, the area that had been settled by French from Normandy that they called Acadia, meaning bountiful, rich land that they had reclaimed from the sea with dikes. They were a center of a rebellion against the British takeover of Canada in the 1750’s and most were banished to the US colonies or back to France. It’s a long story, and if you’re interested, read Longfellow’s long poem, “Evangeline”. The bottom line is that many of them made their way to Louisiana and settled in the marsh land in the southwestern part of the state and became known as “Cajuns”. Some escaped, others made their way back and ultimately resettled back in this area and preserved their ancestral heritage. Evangeline became their heroine and Longfellow their patron saint. We visited the Acadia Memorial site in Grand Pre (see photos), where the Acadian’s story was retold in exhibits, chapels, lovely gardens, and movies. I had read about all this in anticipating our trip and had planned this byway. After visiting the site, we had fish cakes and a fresh fruit peach/blueberry crisp in the cafe of the Evangeline Motel.







My Mother’s maiden name was Wolf and I was very close to my Wolf Grandparents, so I was also looking forward to visiting the adjacent town of Wolfville. Without any reality basis, I imagined that a branch of my Alsatian relatives might have made their way to Acadia. Wolfville turned out to be a substantial community, with beautiful old mansions. Our great discovery was a Dollar store where we purchased some warm socks and a needed toothbrush for Lois. We then rode on to Digby.





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