Day (Sept.) 24: Halfax – Lunenburg and back

This was a banner day. Even though it was cloudy, chilly gray weather, this was a banner day, leisurely driving along the coastal road south of Halifax, though many small communities on lovely little coves, and the fall crimsons are finally appearing.




Our AAA travel consultant, Jane Henninger, as well as several friends, had highly recommended going to Peggy’s Cove. It’s the site of an iconic lighthouse perched on an extensive bed of huge rocks. But there were about a dozen tour busses there and we felt like we were in a crowded penguin colony with paunchy birds waddling all around us. So we took some photos and quickly departed. We would recommend going there only in the months of January and Feburary.




Jane also recommended continuing south to Lunenburg, a large (2300) town for this area. The AAA guide says it's "the best surviving example of a planned British colonial settlement in No. America", and was founded in 1751. It's a charming towm, with many very well preserved and lived in old homes and beautifully designed and well maintained old churches. Other towns should take note and learn how much varying the colors of individual houses add to the appeal of a community. We had one of the best fresh lobster (plus mussels) lunches we've ever had. Fortunately for our stomachs, though not for our wallets, they were out of their regular 1 1/4 lb. lobsters and just had 1 3/4 ones in stock. What a difference, and right out of the bay outside the restaurant. A yummy treat. After wandering around Lunenburg we took an empty back country road to a highway back to Halifax.










2 thoughts on “Day (Sept.) 24: Halfax – Lunenburg and back

    • We took the Chrysler and it’s doing great and tres comfortable. We are seeing so many different, pretty, interesting places and having a wonderful time. We are so glad that we travel very well together, with minimal altercations.

      Tks for following our progress. We think of Lynn’s advice about not blah-blahing too much, and think we mainly over blah on photos!

      P & L

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