Day 23: Baddeck to Halifax, NS

Today our grace with the Weather God expired and it was raining when we left Baddeck. So instead of taking the coastal route down south to Halifax, we opted for the freeways. Faster and safer. We arrived in Halifax around 1 PM, checked into the motel and went downtown and had lunch at a seafood at Salty’s on the Waterfront, overlooking the bay and looking back on downtown. Peter had delicious crabcakes and Lois had a yummy boulibaise. We walked down the boardwalk after lunch and Peter went to the Maritime Museum. Lots of shiplore and a most interesting section on the sinking of the Titanic in 1911. Halifax was the closest port to the site of the wreck, so the 700-800 corpses that were recovered were brought and buried here. So there was lots of gruesome stories about the shipwreck. Ugh. We went to the Art Gallery, of which half was closed for repairs and the other half closed because it was Monday. Halifax is the capital of Nova Scotia, and has a population of about 373,000 and is a major sea and naval port. Seems like a nice city, but we were underwhelmed. We decided not to see the 18th century Citadel (we’ve been to many forts) and come back to the motel and chill out. Tried to watch the Bronco-Raiders game (yea, yea!!), but TV glitches prevented seeing more than the 2nd quarter. Not a banner day, but OK.





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