Day 21: Charlottetown – Baddeck, Nova Scotia

Bad start to the day. Driving out to the ferry, there were endless yard sales on the highway. TV news said that it went for over 75 miles, with over 150 sites, selling everything from clothing to tractors, the biggest provincial yard sale in history!. We averaged about 3 mph for miles and miles!
Speaking of driving, another downside of being in Canada is the high price of gas. $1.30-$1.43/liter, which translates into over $5/gallon. A really big hit at every fill up.

The 1’15” ferry ride from PEI to Nova Scotia was very pleasant. Then back on the transcanada highway up to Baddeck, which is a large island off the northern tip of Nova Scotia. The goal of coming here is to do the John Cabot trail all around the island, and perhaps another round of golf.
We’re lodged in a small “Chalet”, really a modern one room cabin, at a resort. Beautiful view of Baddeck Bay.





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