Day 16 & 17: Old Quebec

Arrived mid-afternoon , following a pretty drive, much along roads overlooking the St. Lawrence River.. Trees just beginning to turn all along the drive.

After our last visit, 40+ years ago, Quebec city has certainly changed – many more contemporary offices and businesses – this is a big time city – but here in old town, other than many more shops catering to the multitude of tourists, the atmosphere remains the same. We enjoyed the best (and most expensive, since our last trip to Paris) lunch we’ve ever had: escargot and ris de veau for me and fresh crab/hollandaise and veal medallions/mushrooms for Peter. All toped off with a wonderful sponge cake/hazelnut filling topped with a marvelous chocolate sauce. We literally waddled down the street upon leaving the wonderful Le Continental

A P.S. to L’s culinary expository: We really enjoyed staying in old Quebec, in spite of the hotel that some friends had recommended that had une plus petite chambre with one queen bed. Not recommended. We felt squeezed. But the location was magnifique, right across the Place d’Armes from the stately 1893 built Chateau Frontenac hotel (see multi pics). It reminded us of living in the New Orleans French Quarter, when we were first married. Historic buildings, some dating back to the 18th century, all over. Great place to wander around. Cocktails in the lounge of Chateau F., with a terrific view of the St. Lawrence River below. Fun window shopping. Stuffy museums. I enjoyed practicing my fractured French. A fun two days.













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