Day 14 – Niagara Falls,ON to Rochester, NY

We woke to a gorgeous bright sunny day – a bit windy and cool, but certainly better than the cold, cloudy, somewhat rainy day in which we arrived at the falls. After a gigantic breakfast, shared with an intimate group of about 4000 at the hotel, we very wisely took a cab to the “Maids of the Mist” and with an even more intimate group of about 400, donned the obligatory blue cellophane ponchos, and shuffled aboard the boat. Oddly enough, it was as though you were one of a flock of “blue” penguins we’ve seen, shuffling into the ocean. It was a most stupendous venture with the roar of the motors of the boat competing with the roar of the falls, the huge vertical drop, the enveloping mist. A real must if ever you are there.

Leaving Niagara, we ventured forth back state side to the lovely city of Rochester, NY, via some very impressive looking wine vineyards and peach orchards along a byroad on the shore of Lake Ontario. In Rochester we toured the Eastman Kodak Museum which was having a special showing of “gender in art” – great show. We also went through his 50 room mansion. What a brilliant, eccentric fellow. He would have made a most interesting patient. But he did love his Mom.

Ended the day with a trip to one of the most fantastic food “groceries” we’ve ever seen – the closest we’ve come to it was Harrod’s in London. An experience within itself. Absolutely a most see if ever around Rochester.










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