Day 9 – Carriage Hills Resort

We decided to have a laid back day., Lake Simcoe is the major lake in this area, so we drove south around it’s western shore. Attractive homes and parks. We end up in Barrie, the major area city of 100,000+. Pretty waterfront on an inlet of the lake. Decrepit old downtown. Loads of suburban shopping areas. We naively assume that we could have seafood for lunch, but like the great lakes, Lake Simcoe was pretty well fished out in the mid-20th century. The one seafood restaurant listed had closed. We ended up having lunch at a Red Lobster!!! Actually a good grilled fresh lake trout from who knows where. I went for a relaxing swimming workout in the nice pool here. The days highlight is the dinner cooked by Chef Lois of tenderloin steak, Russian blue potatoes that she had discovered at the local market, fresh asparagus and a delicious Malbec from our favorite Chilean vineyard, Concha y Toro, that we found at the Barrie state liquor store. We overdid and I ended up with heartburn in the middle of the night, but it was worth it.

Somehow we neglected to take any photos today with the ipad and haven’t yet figured out how to transfer photos from our cameras or iphone to the ipad. If anyone knows how, please let us know!


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