Day 11 (Sept. 11) – Carriage Hills Resort.

Today was another golf day, at nearby Settlers’ Ghost course. Unfortunately the day was hot, and the course mediocre. We played by ourselves, which was fun. Lois played well on the front nine, Peter played much better on the back nine. We took lots of “second serves”, as no one was playing behind us. The day was saved by going to Loobies, a diner in nearby Craighurst. Another food note for David Hurst (do you have relatives in Craighurst?), was their offering liver, topped with bacon and onions, one of our favorite foods. FYI, The Dragonfly, another roadhouse in tiny Massey, ON, also offered the same dish, which we devoured to get our cholesterol fix. Lynn, please forgive our blah-blahing about food – it’s David’s fault. Anyhow, in Canada, the local “native” restaurants often seem to feature liver and onions – none, so far, have fried chicken.



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