DAY 7 – 9/7 – Carriage Hills Resort

Our 5 one night stands were the most in a row of the trip. We are thrilled to now be in this lovely resort for a week. We’re about 75 m. north of Toronto, in a rural farming and “cottage” area of Ontario province. Quite a change from driving through boreal forests around huge lakes. Today we explored the resort and then leisurely drove around the area, up to the small village of Orillio. We stopped at one farm and bought vegetables and fruit freshly harvested for our meals here. They directed us to a marvelous little bakery/deli in Orillio where we stocked up on locally processed bacon, sausage and just baked bread. Weather was misty-light rainy, which was nice.




2 thoughts on “DAY 7 – 9/7 – Carriage Hills Resort

  1. Very nice to follow your trip this way. Good descriptions. I’d ask only for more about what you are finding to eat and how you like it? Is Canadian food much like our own? Any interesting regional dishes? And how about prices in Canada? Love from Lynn and David

    • Canadian food is no different than food in the US. The most unusual meal we had was in the Polish restaurant in Wawa, but that could have been a Polish restaurant in Warsaw!! The best food so far is Lois’ cooking since we arrived here at our condo. Last night she fixed Russian blue potatoes that she found at the market. Yummy! And the fresh fruit and corn that we bought at the farm are great. And the bacon and sausage that we bought in a NYC style bakery/deli in Orillia. There are a lot of speciality food shops in this area. We are having a fun time – P. & L

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