LEAF ODYSSEY DAY 1 & 2 – Denver to Spearfish, SD to Fargo, ND

Day 1: Northern Colorado and Wyoming-endless grasslands and big skies. Terrific Sunday midday dinner at popular local restaurant in Lusk, WY. Highlights were the two national treasures: The sculpture of Crazy Horse, riding his steed, will hopefully be completed in the next 50 years. His head and face are now finished. We reflect that when we were last here about 39 years ago, only the his nose was apparent. We paid our regards to CH and proceeded to Mt. Rushmore, where we greeted the four presidents, looking all staid and grand. The guide reminded us that it was begun in 1927 and finished in 1941. We slept this first night in Spearfish, named because the Indians did guess what here. We are excited that, after six months of planning, we are finally on our way.

Day 2: South and North Dakota – Relentless plains, broken by rock outcroppings finally followed by little streams and ponds promoting fields of hay, corn and sunflowers. Fun little Labor Day parade of the townspeople of Bowman, ND all out on their horses in their Labor Day parade. We ended our long nine hour day in Fargo.





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